Hearing and MS?

Is there any coalition between the 2 do you think? I went for my hearing test yesterday and they found significant loss in both ears but major loss in my right ear. But before l can get hearing aids (ugh..lm only 51 for crying out loud) l have to see the ear dr to find out what this noise in my ear is. But could this all be related or just old age.

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  • Hope you get answers soon, cheers Jimeka

  • Maybe its a combinación of both, keep it under control with tour physician.


  • Jesmcd2 I'm 52 years old and I have ringing in my ears and have been diagnosed with low range hearing loss, but I was having problems before my MS diagnosis.

  • @jesmcd2, ringing in your ears could be tinnitus, and it sometimes happens with MS. Hearing loss can happen too though it's rare. If you have a brainstem lesion, my impression is that hearing loss might be more common. I had hearing loss at the time my MS was diagnosed. I was 39. At that point it wasn't bad enough for hearing aids but it did get worse with time. I've worn hearing aids since I was about 57. You're right--it could be age-related. I don't really know for sure whether my hearing loss is due to MS or just a lot of sinus infections or age but I'm far more concerned with trying to hear better. There are aids that help, and some of them fit inside the ear so that nobody knows you're wearing them. You can't get perfect hearing from them but the help they provide is at least something.

  • agate the lesions I have are in my brain not in the brainstem. My guy was the one that actually noticed the loss 1st, this past spring there about. I had no clue. But have ms for 1 1/2 that's why l was wondering.

  • I have transient hearing loss my right ear. Mostly lasts only 1-2 days. Because of its short duration, by the time I get to the ENT, the hearing tests are normal. I've been told by 3 ENTs it's the MS. Interestingly, my spouse who does where hearing aids has let me try his during one of these episodes and it does help? Weird feeling like someone stuffed cotton in my ear. As the hearing returns I get a buzzing. By the way I first noticed this in my early 50s. Hear loss in MS is a lesser known and less common symptom. Good luck!

  • Thank you guys, the noise in my ear is starting to drive me nuts. The audiologist said also since l have vertigo there might be something else going on. Do they not read the papers that we take the time to fill out? Ya know, the ones that say l have MS? Ugh l am not a patient person, just fix it already. Mostly so l just stop agreeing to things l cant hear. Cause lm tired of saying what? Huh? Excuse me or would you look at me when you talk damn it lol :)

  • Hearing loss is very annoying and can make you feel isolated and angry. People aren't easily trained to look at you and enunciate their words. Unfortunately there are limits to what a hearing aid can do for you, and tinnitus seems to be not very easily fixed. I hope you've been to an ENT doctor to have your problems checked out? There are some very sophisticated tests that can be done to pinpoint the problem(s), and some of them have easy remedies.

  • I'm old enough ??? to need hearing aids, 71. I have one aid in left ear. Rapidly losing all the hearing in that ear. Came on gradually and here to stay. I went through a period of the ringing in the other ear, but eventually (few weeks) went away. Every so often, returns. m Told it's MS related. I'm told my vestibular problems related to MS. Several times a month, Vertigo (yuk). Pretty much only drive to water aerobics and then only on a good day. Those good days becoming rare.

    My philosophy in life is don't be still, keep moving. It's harder to hit a moving target.

    Don't put off anything that gives you pleasure. Take advantage of good days and do something 'wild and crazy'. We traveled and RV'd for 25 years and not much left on our bucket list. At times, life can be the poops, but get a bigger shovel and move it to the side.

    My best wishes to you and go do something outrageous today.

  • Great advice purpletustin :) l have been fortunate in life to have lived a gypsy lifestyle. Moved alot as a kid, then kicked out at 18 so moved alot then, then married the military. He was stationed in a few places. Have to say the best was Bermuda where l had 2 of my beautiful girls and my oldest was born in Cali. Grew up in Alaska and visited Hawaii. I think l have hit every state but 2 l think. So l have been fortunate :)

    As far as the hearing goes. It is what it is. At this point you have to take everything in stride. Fix it if you can, deal with it if you cant. What else can you do? It's not in my hands anymore. But if anyone tells me "God never gives you more than you can handle" again lm getting my dad's gun ugh :p lol joking

  • 'Purple',

    I like your attitude and your sense of humor! If we didn't have the ability to laugh, where the hell would we be? And if there's nothing to laugh at, we can laugh at ourselves!!!

    I still haven't made my bucket list... better get started on that!

    From one moving target and big shoveler to another, take care and stay in touch!

    Anne :-)

  • Always have to laugh Ashirva :D

  • I have a conductive hearing loss which I have had for many years before I realized something was wrong. I found out one day when I had a tuning fork and put it on top of my head in the middle and the sound radiated to one ear only. It is one of those things hard to actually fix. I saw an ENT at the time and this was years before I ever know I had MS, and he put in an ear tube and said I had a closed or open (can't remember which) Eustachean tube. The ear tube did help and it stayed better never cured even when it fell out after several months. I also had tinnitus but that pretty much went away also. I still feel all the time that I have a finger in one ear, although some days it is a little better than other. This is difficult for a singer, which I am, but I try to ignore it which helps. Yes it could be MS or old age, but I don't think it is the latter. I saw the same ENT doc recently, and basically there is no cure for this problem. Some of my high end hearing loss now in both ears may be do to aging: Im closer to 70 than 60 now. I had read at the time when I was in my 30's that pregnancy can also cause this type of hearing difficult and I had 5 children. Sometimes I wonder if it is a sinus problem, but hard to figure that one out also. I have had of the past three years on a nother topic of difficult diagnosis a loss of taste and smell after a bad cold. I think it was probably viral but could be MS. Some taste recognition and smell is returning after almost 3 years.

  • itasara 5 children? Bless your heart l could barely handle my 3 ♡ Seems that maybe everything is connected to ms. But it really can't be, the odds aren't there,but then again what are the odds of getting this monster?

    The hearing loss has just started this past yr. And has continued to get worse pretty quickly. I have no ldea if it's hereditary or not but no one else has hearing loss in my immediate family. Although lm not sure about my bio father. Hmm probably should ask him.

    I see the ENT in a cpl wks and will see what he has to say about all this nonsense. :)

    Food must taste wonderful to you now. Makes you not take anything for granted. I'm so glad it's coming back to you. :)

  • Yes, it feels good to know what I am tasting. I can't say taste is totally back to normal, and I'm not sure I smell as much as other people do, but it is better! The hearing problem can be very annoyng. When I breath, for instance, I hear my breathing in my left ear region. Everything is dircted to that ear. Sometimes weather may affect it, or sometimes going for a walk I am suddenly annoyed by the pressure I feel and I want my ear to open up so badly but it won't. I've learned to ignore it as much as possible, but some days it is worse than others and apparently nothing any one can do about it.

  • My taste buds are changing drastically, and driving my bf and me nuts. I can't handle anything spicy anymore. Even with a little bit of spice it feels like it burns. It's unreal. My right ear though is waking me up in the middle of night now the noise seems to be getting louder and it hurts. The appt can't come soon enough :) It's like your's, you want it to open ugh. Counting down 2 wks to go lol probably just to tell me there is nothing he can do. :p

  • Let us know what the doctor says. I'd be interested to hear his take on your ear/taste symptoms. Are you smelling okay?

  • Smelling is fine as far as l know. Lol Used to get hyper sensitive senses once a month, hormones. Now they are all going outta wack. Between the optic neuritis, my ears, taste, 3 outta 5 lm on a roll ugh :) lol

  • I told my PCP about not hearing well and having sharp pain in my ears and she suggested to me to get ear drops so I did. you need someone else to put them in. Guess what it worked , because I had wax build up. I would ask your doctor first you may have something different than me. Bye for now, have a good weekend.

  • I did see my primary 1st who cked them. He said they looked good, he set up the hearing test then the hearing test lady set up the appt for the ENT for next wk. Ugh. Always something :)

  • I know it is a real pain can't one person do it. As they say "I feel your pain"

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