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My Profile photo on a AWESOME DAY

My Profile photo on a AWESOME DAY

Hello, My name is Tina! I was Ds back in Sept 2011 (officially that is) As we ma have heard I could have had it as early as___ years old. I did have symptoms for at least 2.5 years before having the courage to walk into hospital!

I'm Single, no children except (Annette that is) My Ms has a name too:)

Entre-Woman all the way that has tried to stay true to myself but becoming a part of the Healthcare system not so fun.

I've tried a total of 3 medications, 3 steroid treatments as well but also have pretty much been loosing LOWER Mobility.

You of course can learn more about me on social media and my blog, yes Purple favorite color too

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Welcome to our My MSAA Community! Thanks for the background info about you and your blog as well.

- John, MSAA

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Thank you John! Appreciate all your organization does and gives to the ones like me and the supporting family and friends


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