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Moving back

Good afternoon my friends.

Well my we found a place to move to in Southern California.

Only thing it's a friend of my roommates and she doesn't want my dog there until she gets to know me.

Now I am looking for a place or a friend that can watch him for me for a little while. This breaks my heart ❤️.

Sorry I have not been on here. Just found out yesterday my Uncle aka dads brother passed away. To much going on at the same time. Hope everyone is doing well.

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I am sorry sorry to hear of your uncle,s passing and the situation with your dog, mans best friend. Good news that you have somewhere to move to in California. Keep in touch, I am sure things will start to improve when you are back on familiar ground. Take care Jimeka

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Hi Sleek78 so sorry to hear about your uncle. We're you 2 close?

Where about in Cali are you going to be? I live down there a few places, Imperial Beach. Chula Vista, Sierra Masa. Also northern Cali Alameda, Walnut Creek. To be a gypsy again or at least young :)


I'll be moving to a town called Hemet. It's in Southern California. About 35 west of Palm Springs and about 1 1/2 east of LA.

MY UNCLE AND I where not that close but thank you very much.

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Sleek78, hey It's Fancy1959. Is this the same friend that sounds you the place I'm in Mexico? If it is I would have my antennas up. Can't you be proactive and look for a place yourself that allows your dog to come as well. I sure wouldn't give my dog up without a fight if he means that much to you. Once he's given up I'm guessing he'll never be allowed to be in there apartment with you again. I'm so sorry to hear about your uncle'some of the passing away. Just remember he's in a better place. Whatever he is smiling down at you. Don't be afraid to ask for his help because he will guide you when you need it. Please keep us in touch again. Please look for that department yourself. You can do it. Remember together we are stronger!


Francy1959, this person is my roommate that has always been there for me. When no one has.

It's a older women she knows and we have looked and looked every where and we don't make much at all and this would be the best deal for us. I have not given up on my doggie and won't. And thank you very much.


Sounds good! I'm sorry for doubting you. I simply couldn't remember who you went with that turned out so bad. Take care of yourself and keep us informed. Remember together we are stronger!


I understand and I appreciate you concern Fancy1959


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