Over exertion and the day after

So here I sit on the couch feeling like a mac truck ran over me. Yesterday I had errands to run so got out there and did what a non-MS person does at their leisure. While carrying in the groceries almost fell on the steps. Pain and numbness hit me and could not feel where to place my feet. Adrenaline hit me and today fatigue and pain ruining any chance of going out. I wish I could stop myself from overdoing it. Today reading and music are my activities. Thank God I have my vision and hearing.

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  • Vlbrown57 l think we all do that, we try to fit in as much as we can on "good" days, and end up paying the price the next. Take it easy today and build up your strength :)

  • I know exactly how you feel. The problem is the mind is willing but the flesh is weak. It's hard finding the right balance. I find that when you have a good day then you do a lot of things and then pay for it the next day. Rest up and maybe tomorrow you will be able to do more. Cheers Jimeka

  • I agree with Jesmcd2 and jimeka, rest and be ready for another day.

  • Amen! Things could always be worse, right? I understand exactly what you mean...

  • Yes, we learn to be thankful for the "good" days. In fact, some of those days I used to think we're so horrible, I'd love to have back! That way, I could appreciate them more. Hang in there. I wish I could say it always gets better. Not necessarily...at least not always physically. However, we try to learn how to deal with it all better and are much more appreciative of the "little" things. Good luck to you on your journey.

  • Thus ends lesson #1! As long as we learn from it, we can go on to the next lesson! We've all been there - so what did YOU learn?

    Be well! Let us know how you're doing, okay?

    Anne :-)

  • Now a days for myself, I have enough energy for 1 out of the house deed to do every other day. I rest on the off day. This is a bummer but I have to listen to my body...

    Keep in mind I am putting my walker in the back seat + taking it out myself and it wears me out. Sometimes loading groceries on walker to bring them in .

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