I Totaled My Car This Week

I have a question for everyone. I had a wreck on Tuesday and totaled my car no one was hurt thank God. I would have sworn the light was green but whitness said it was red. So I apologized profusely but I still keep going over it in my head and see it as green. I saw her coming and said she's running the red light. She's going to hit me. This is the first wreck I've ever had and I'm 46 years old. I have RRMS I'm scared this could have something to do with the accident am I being silly? I was only diagnosed two years ago with symptoms starting about a month before that. I've been reading some good advice on here and thought you might have some on this.

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  • Pumpkin, accidents happen! I try not to blame all on MS. It happened, and I'm glad to hear no one was hurt! Insurance agent's issue now 😊! I pray they give you a fat check to replace your totaled car.

    I will admit that after I was struck by a motorcyclist, I was jumpy for a while. I still tell my girls that I have PTSD from that accident 😊🤔 while on the road at times.

    Thank God you walked away. Blessings

  • I'm so happy nobody was hurt! Yes, accidents do happen and there are many factors that lead to them. It's hard to tell if MS played a roll or if it was just that...an accident. I've been there. Use it as a learning opportunity if you can. Stay alert, be cautious, and, if you get to the point where you can no longer drive, don't. Best wishes to you!

  • Have your neuro test you for color blindness. Maybe that's why you did not see red light. I have some evidence of color blindness.

  • Pbargal, it's Fancy1959, thank God no one was hurt. That's absolutely the most important thing about this incident. Would you agree that Ms has slowly infiltrated your body and effects lots of different Areas of your body? My hands are kind of numb my arms get tired easily and so do my legs. And the list goes on slightly different for each and every person who has MS. My husband has noticed that I'm not quite as sharp a driver as I was pre MS. I have to admit that I have ruined two front tires in the last year, hitting potholes and one on the a curb that I had never done before. It is up to you and you only to decide how MS has affected your overall driving ability. if I run errands or go to doctor's appointment I try to stay close to home. If I go into the small town we live close by 7-8 miles away and I just feel extremely tired, I'll stop eat something and turn around and go home. again only you can judge the kind of day you're having. if you know you've got doctors appointments or have errands to do make sure you conserve your energy before heading out. When I run errands I only visit stores that have the electric shopping carts. this really helps to conserve my energy while shopping then it's easier to drive home. I guess what I'm trying to say is that only you know when driving becomes too much. Be it on a certain bad day or all the time. But to continue driving conserve your energy before you get in the car, also get the dreaded handicap parking permit so you can park close to store entrances again conserving your energy. if you have to go to stores without the electric shopping carts take someone with you. They can help shop and or drive home. when you do drive, drive smart, and stay close to home on roads you know very well. This plan of attack seems to be helping me drive safer and more confidently. I hope this has given you some ideas to consider. It is a tough decision for everyone who has MS. Good luck and feel free to holler back at us if you want to discuss this more. Together we are stronger.

  • It's hard to know. I did the same thing. Ran over a smaller car with my huge truck. with 2 adults and a couple of children. Thank God, nothing permanent.

  • Excellent comment from Tinker Bell. Be honest with yourself and others. If your having an "off" day, don't drive.

  • It's possible that maybe the MS had something to do with it, but that's not the point. "Thank goodness everyone walked away, and the rest you can take up with your neuro or opthamologist!

  • Yes, I agree.. It's entirely possible that it has nothing to do with MS. Just glad you and others are ok.

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