I've had MS since 2010, and I have just developed a symptom I've never felt before. My eyeballs have started to ache. Actually, it feels like someone is squeezing them. It seems to happen more in the right eye, but I am feeling it in both. I just had my eyes checked and I do need a stronger prescription, but the doctor didn't say that anything else was wrong. Has anyone else ever experienced this????

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  • Both my eyes hurt and are foggy esp the right one. I am very sensitive to light.

    I take restasis for dry eye and hate it since it burns. I don't think I have optic neuritis

  • My opthamologist blames it on my severe dry eyes. Who knows? I am so tired of being told it is because of MS; it is because of fibromyalgia; it is because of cataracts (which were removed and made it worse). Restasis burned so much he took me off of that and now has me on Systane Ultra. And back on glasses, even he told me after cataract surgery I wouldn't need them. So tired of doctors and their constant opinions. I tell them my eyeball hurts and he says use more drops.

  • I just saw my opthamologist and he just said my eyes were dry and changed my eyeglass RX. I think the dryness in my eyes is from this medication I am taking for urinary incontinence. The dryness doesn't seem to bother me too much so I don't use the drops that often. Maybe I should ......the more I speak to these doctors of all disciplines the more I think that none of them know what to do or what the cause really gets frustrating. Thanks for your reply.

  • My eyes ache sometimes. But it is because I have anterior uveitis. I suggest go to see eye doctor. Many people with MS also get uveitis.

  • I just saw my opthamologist and he didn't say there was anything wrong except my eyeglasses needed to be uveitis something that the neurologist might [pick up? The opthamologist knows I have MS........ Thanks for your reply!

  • Opthalmologist should be able to tell uveitis. He would see inflammation when he examines you with slit lamp. Plus you would have light sensitivity and you might see floaters, little black dots that move when your eye moves.

  • I do see floaters, and have for a long time, even before dx. But the opthamologist didn't say anything about uveitis.

  • I've not however, that's the tricky "no one is the same" we hear so often. There are millions of nerves for MS to get on 😒. I'd advise you speak to your neuro and create a game plan on what has to be done to take care of this symptom. I hope this helps. Stay strong 👊🏾 Blessings

  • Thanks for your reply Kj9681. The opthamologist didn't see anything so I guess the neuro is the next step/.

  • Sukie427 have you had optic neuritis before? It might be that...

  • I didn't but my mother did. I told the neurologist and the opthamologist that but neither said that's what I have. Thanks for your reply.

  • That happens to me too when I feel anxious and stressed. I lay down for a while with no sound or light and that helps take the pressure off of my eyes. I also use prescription eye drops at bedtime for optic nerve pressure (prescribed by my eye doctor for pre-glaucoma symptoms).

  • Thanks so much , FlLady. I get really awful migraines and I thought the eye pain was part of that but there wereno other symptoms. I just had my eyes checked and the eye pressure was normal . However, I was very stressed when it happened. Is that an indication that your eyes are deteriorating from the MS ? I'm really scared about this because I was born with terrible vision and naturally it gets worse with age, but my mom had MS and hers affected her eyes only. Thanks for for your reply. At least I don't feel alone. I will discuss it with the Dr when I see him in October. in the meantime, I am going to try your suggestion because I do that for the migraineship too.

  • Let us know Sukie how you get on, because this weekend was the first time I had experienced pain behind my right eye. Like you described it felt like your eye was trying to be squeezed out of the socket. I have never experienced it before. It is painful . Please let me know what your doctor says. Thank you and God bless Jimeka

  • I definitely will, Jimeka. I see my neurologist in October. Could you possibly have been having a migraine? Were you sensitive to light and noise? Were you nauseated? Did you feel any throbbing pain in your temple or behind your eye? Because those are all migraine symptoms of migraine. So are holes in your vision or loss of vision in the eye altogether. I pray that you are not starting with those because they are monsters. Did you do anything for the pain?

  • Morning Suki, it wasn't a migraine as I grew up with migraines, and I couldn't take anything at the time as my meds were not due for another couple of hours. I am already on pregablin , OxyContin, cocodamols and pramipexole so I have to be careful what else I take. Thanks for help and advice, much appreciated, Jimeka

  • So sorry to hear that you had to suffer migraine pain. So bad....I was on OxyContin, also fentanyl patches and lollipops for the pain. Those are deadly. Have you tried medical cannabis, or even CBD oil which is legal in all states, to try and lessen your need for those opioids?

  • That is how my MS was diagnosised. Er kept telling me it was migraines but I couldn't stand the pain in my eyeballs. I had to put ice packs on them almost all day to help me through the pain. I finally got in to see my neuro. And she told me that she has a good feeling it was MS and not migraines.... She was right! I still get that pain sometimes. Mine has really bad jaw pain along with it.

  • My mom had horrible migraines and MS optic neuritis. They found hers because she had pain with double vision. I know that jaw pain can be horrible, and I thank goodness I don't have that. THanks for your reply, Froggiechick. Hope that your pain stays away!

  • It is horrible! I hate it! You can eat and hurts to talk. Mine comes and goes. Usually without warning. And nothing you can really do for it. That's the bad part. Hoping once I start treatment it will help me out!

  • I hope you get help. I used to have really severe neuralgia in my right side of my face, always had a hot wheat back around my neck, which helped a lot, but then I had my C4/C5 disc out of my neck and once I had settled down about 6 months the pain decreased. I occasionally get pain in my teeth, which hurts, even had teeth refilled to try and stop it, I am due to see a dentist that understands ms so hopefully she will have some answers. Try the wheat bag that you can microwave it really helped me. Cheers Jimeka

  • I will have to try that! I've just done ice packs. My teeth hurt as well. Last time I went to the dentist he thought I was having symptoms of Trigeminal neuralgia and that was before I was diagnosed with MS. I go see him in a few weeks we will see what he says now.

  • Good luck, Froggiechick! Hope whatever you try works.

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