Anyone else having problems with updates here?

It appears I am not getting automatic updates anymore. I guess I'm about 12 or more hours behind. Up until now, I've been able to go onto the site and under a new post, it would show the latest reply below it. Not today. The 'latest reply' under the post heading is 12+ hours old. But if I click on the post heading and scroll down, I can find a number of newer posts. Anyone else having this problem or is it just me? My husband tried to help me. My settings haven't changed. Thank you!


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14 Replies

  • Mine seem to be lagging behind also, ldk what's up. I keep trying to fill out my profile also and says it takes it, but it won't stay. Very fustrating.

  • Me too x

  • me too :(

  • Well, it appears to seem normal again this morning. Thanks for replying, Jes and Erash. I was beginning to think I inadvertently pushed the wrong 'button' and broke it! Or...I made too many brain boo-boos and someone decided I was confusing too many others. Ha! 😳 Boy, I was really missing everyone here yesterday. It's like you know there's a party and all your friends are going. You keep waiting for your invitation- but it never comes!

    My thanks to whoever fixed the glitch! I'm so pleased to be able to read all the posts again.

  • I am having same issue yesterday; election fatigue LOL rather than MSfatigue

  • 😂

  • Tutu, I don't know if things are lagging behind but they could be but what I'm finding is when I come back to my homepage screen it keeps saying I'm not a member I don't belong. Then I have to sign out come back and through msaa log back in and then I can get in and read and work on my post. All very frustrating and I don't know what is going on.

    I agree with Lindy53061, I think this HealthUnlocked site is suffering from MS Fatigue!

  • Hmm...mine seems to be working fine this morning, MSFighter. I tried to go back to my home page-not really sure what that is-but I pushed all the buttons at the top-and it appears all is well with mine.

    Maybe you can start a post and someone will see it and be able to help you with your glitch? Maybe there are others having the same problem. Maybe I am too, but I just don't realize it. 🙄 I can't remember her name (Susie maybe?) who is here with us and helps out with the site. (Sorry, Susie-or if I'm not even close-I promise, I'm trying to get all these names and such out of my head and down on paper.)

    I hope you get it figured out soon!!!

  • I have the same problem ms fighter, I have joined this site 3/4 times.

  • Cog Fog :) l hope it is fixed now.

  • I love it! 😂

    Look what you started, Erash! How about a sneak peek-what colors are you using in the background? Bold or soft? And I forgot-do you use oils? Acrylics?

  • Hope everyone is doing ok and able to access their MMC/HU accounts and updates again! If not, feel free to speak out here.

    MSAA can also let HealthUnlocked know so they can investigate as well.

    - John, MSAA

  • Thank you, John! And I'm sorry, I wasn't calling you 'Susie.' I promise! I remember there being a woman among us who also helped with the site.

    Thank you for your help!

  • Ha, but of course! :)

    - John, MSAA

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