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Must know...please do share!

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I'm 35, and "hello!" I would like to date. I'd like to get married, and have another child!! Seems to me that MS makes me, as I've been called twice, a "cripple"... 😱! How rude, I think I'm a little offended by that! Anyhow, I'm wondering, do we Warriors have a dating website? I totally stick my tongue out to those folk who believe that their lives can't end up with a severe limp! Lol! Thank God I'm finally among others who are like me. So...any advice?

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KJ i am Divorcing my husband of 25 years, due to years of mental,emotional abuse. I use a walker outdoor and have thought of this question also. I love being single and having peace. It is hard enough to meet my needs, and that of my 15, 19, and 24 yrs old children. I have been alone with MS for years, but once i was diagnosed i was no longer "lonely " or ashamed, or felt crazy when i complained and doctors and ex said nothing was wrong. If God wants me to have a relationship, in a few years i am fine, but i enjoy making a life, work, graduate classes, bariatric support (fashion show), digital photography [ got scholarship and have hobbie, selling, buying a home, Church, etc. My life is full, hopefully yours is too. If a relationship happens it should enhance your life, not be your life...been there done that πŸ˜‰

2 weeks ago there was a wonderful article n the NYT @ disability and how most will have some disability at some time in their life: hearing loss, near sighted, injuries etc. the article normalized disability. It was a great perspective

My husband and I found each other (he has MS) when we both took time to be alone and stopped dating and looking and find ourselves and who we were first. Then we met and it works so much better. :) The person who can love you as you are will come. Just ask my hubby :)

Oh by the way...I found the best man in the world who loves me in spite of my "issues" too :)

Kj9681 in reply to Joalyn

You are right!! Thanks 😊


Kj9681 l have to say l love your sense of humor lol.. l dont know of any website but stick to your guns, we are Warriors after all :)

Kj9681 in reply to Jesmcd2

Dang right! πŸ‘ŠπŸΎ


Hello KJ961, it's Fancy1959. Forget those LOOSERS who called you a cripple. You are way to good for them! Not every man is cut out to be a nurtures or caregiver. Unfortunately, there are quite a few posts in this chat room about MS breaking up marriages. I do believe some of those marriages were probably already on the rocks. Any type of chronic illness causes stress even in the most stable of marriages. I know my husband doesn't know what to do or how to handle the decline his athletic, go a mile a minute wife has undergone in the past couple of years. The only advice I would give you is to be very upfront about your life and what your dealing with. Maybe not first date material, but definitely something you want out front fairly quickly. Maybe you should check with some of the larger dating sites to see what they offer in regards to having a section dedicated to unique dating groups. The next time some stupid date calls you a cripple because you might have a limp advise them Karma is a powerful force and their insulting behavior has just pushed it's button. So beware..........Keep your sense of humor alive! I love it! Go knock them dead Kj9681!

Hi Kj9681, ms had cause me to have speech problems meaning a slur my whole life.

Now I'll be 38 October 2nd and been alone for a long time. Never been married nor do I have any kids.

The way I look at it is I'm playing it safe. Yeah it sucks but at the same time I won't get used hurt lied to cheated on

But one day I know I will find someone.

I wish you the best.

We all need somebody. We weren't placed here to be alone. I know that my someone will show face in time. That will also happen for you. Have faith, never lose hope.

Sleek78 in reply to Kj9681

I always thought that but after years and years and years of being cheated on lied and used I gave up. It seams I am safer that way. I have manners respect don't cheat lie or do drugs or even drink.

I've been told I have nothing to offer and now I am believing it.

Kj9681 in reply to Sleek78

I only advise folks to do what they can live with. I'd like to add however, that the universe typically gives what it gets. Positivity, and hope is what us MSer's have to hold on to. Depression...speaking from my own learned/learning lessons will only pull on negative strings. Chin up...any day above ground is a blessing. Things will get better.


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