40 years of adapting

40 years of adapting

My husband has MS. He was diagnosed in 1977. As we sat with our 6 month old daughter the Dr. came into the room announcing, " I have bad news and I have worse news, Elvis Presley died this afternoon and you have MS". He continued to explain there was no cure and nothing to do, "go home get thing in order as you will lose control of your body". He was certainly not very positive or encouraging. We are now almost 40 years later. Joe is a quadriplegic, but taught school for 30 years and retired to work at his dream job, a theme park in Orlando. He was on Copaxone until he turned 62 when the neurology studies showed that by that age it was fairly useless to continue DMD therapy. He enjoys telling people we do everything we want to do just often in a different way than the norm. There are certainly ups and downs, but we certainly do make the best of every day we have. We feel lucky to have been able to adapt and grow into this situation. Many quads come home from a serious trauma after being perfect. "We" gradually declined and were able to create a path we could traverse with all the changes that happened. You can see I refer to all of this as a "WE" thing. We are in it together and that has really helped me as a caregiver and him as the victim of this body ravaging disease.

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  • I love this story....we can be lucky because we get to grow into our disability. It doesn't happen suddenly, after a sudden trauma and after being perfect. This is a great way to look at things, how to stay positive...I still have breath. I can breathe.

  • Thank you for your story you give hope to all of us.

  • Thanks for your story. I hope every loving mate feels the say way you and husband feels. Thanks again

  • I feel such a positive energy in this post..... I am sure you two have been thru much.... but you carry on together ..... sending hugs....

  • Thank you so much. Together is the key. He is truly my other half. We are a team and that is really hard to beat!!!

  • BEAUTIFUL STORY! thanks for sharing!!!

  • Your story is indeed beautiful. Thank you for sharing it with us. I think the real reason Joe can so freely talk of his good luck is that he was blessed to have married you. You both are truly inspirational.

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