Old(er!) . . . Yet New Here!

Old(er!) . . . Yet New Here!

Hello, Everyone!

My MS diagnosis came in 2008 after having difficulty walking stairs. My feet were most uncooperative. My GP recommended a visit to a neurologist. He performed a spinal and MS was diagnosed.

I've had various symptoms since my early 20's (I just celebrated my 62nd birthday), which was given many names - now called Fibromyalgia.

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  • My treatment for MS started on first of 07 I had the systems before that. Had to stop my exercise program I was doing. Had a spinal tap and it was confirm I had MS. I miss doing a lot of things but thankful what I can do. I am 62 and we have keep going in life.

  • We have to keep going is right! There are way too many people so much worse off than I am!

  • I agrew with you 100% as I have a friend that has MS and ALS. Take it one day at a time and stay as active as you can. The following saying definitely applies to us:

    Use it or loose it

    I was dx in 2004 at 44 with Relapsing Remitting MS but in 2012 was dx with secondary progressive ms. I have been in either pt or their wellness program since 2005. I know that if I miss a session how tight my right side especially my arm and leg get.

  • It was in 2008 I got the lovely label of MS added to my laundry list of MS too! I know the feet being uncooperative, I had that issue, and then foot/leg drop too! I would be walking on the sidewalks of Boston with my groceries, and wham, next thing I knew it I was laying on the sidewalk with my groceries surrounding me. Thankful, there are nice people in Boston.

  • Hi Stacey!

    Are you still in Boston? How do you handle the winters (and the summers!) there? I've been back here (below Boston) for over two years now, taking care of my mom, and the summer humidity and winter ice, snow and freezing temps are driving me nuts!

    Anne :-)

  • Hi Marcia!

    Welcome to this site! I must say, you don't look 62! You must be doing something right! Are you on any medications?

    Be well; keep smiling!

    Anne :-)

  • Thank you, Anne! I recently lost 46 pounds which made a HUGE difference in the way I feel.

    Since my diagnosis I've been on Copaxone. Very few - if any - side effects. How does one know which symptoms are MS, fibro or just plain, old 'maturing'??? Notice I do not use the word old! Lyrica and Cymbalta have been the meds taken for fibro since 2006.

    Smiles and laughter are our very best medicine! Much of my laughter is at myself. Every gift giving occasion my family teases me. One year I wrapped several gifts with the wrong gift tag. They would open them and I'd say, "Oh, give that to so and so. Sorry!" Why use gift tags anyway? It takes the fun out of gift giving!!!

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