Old(er!) . . . Yet New Here!

Old(er!) . . . Yet New Here!

Hello, Everyone!

My MS diagnosis came in 2008 after having difficulty walking stairs. My feet were most uncooperative. My GP recommended a visit to a neurologist. He performed a spinal and MS was diagnosed.

I've had various symptoms since my early 20's (I just celebrated my 62nd birthday), which was given many names - now called Fibromyalgia.

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  • My treatment for MS started on first of 07 I had the systems before that. Had to stop my exercise program I was doing. Had a spinal tap and it was confirm I had MS. I miss doing a lot of things but thankful what I can do. I am 62 and we have keep going in life.

  • We have to keep going is right! There are way too many people so much worse off than I am!

  • I agrew with you 100% as I have a friend that has MS and ALS. Take it one day at a time and stay as active as you can. The following saying definitely applies to us:

    Use it or loose it

    I was dx in 2004 at 44 with Relapsing Remitting MS but in 2012 was dx with secondary progressive ms. I have been in either pt or their wellness program since 2005. I know that if I miss a session how tight my right side especially my arm and leg get.

  • It was in 2008 I got the lovely label of MS added to my laundry list of MS too! I know the feet being uncooperative, I had that issue, and then foot/leg drop too! I would be walking on the sidewalks of Boston with my groceries, and wham, next thing I knew it I was laying on the sidewalk with my groceries surrounding me. Thankful, there are nice people in Boston.

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