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Hello my name is Kayly and I was diganosed with MS in 2011 right before I turned 20. My MS didn't seem so bad a first but I was hospitalized last year because of it due to the fact the whole left side of my body did not want to work well. My boyfriend was having to help me shower, get dressed and do my hair. Now this year I just had a baby may 24 and now my legs have been numb and tingly for a few weeks now. Neurologist has me on steroids to see if they will help. I pray they do. It's been 5 years and I still have a hard time coping with my MS. Maybe one day I will accept it will but for now I just live day to day.

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Welcome to My MSAA Community, Kayly! Thank you for sharing your story with MS. Please check out other stories from people with MS on this community. There are some truly amazing people here who have been posting some great information about their experience with MS that we hope you find beneficial.

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The steroids will stop the inflammation and help you recover but your neurologist needs to prescribe a stronger med. Keep fighting the m.s. Monster, we all have been there.


Hi there!

How was ur MS while u were pregnant?


Try to read up on new therapies, be your own best advocate, stay positive, even if you really don't feel like it. Best medicine for me....Laughter!!!!


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