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Cervical Myelopathy

Seasons Greetings

Hello there to all on HealthUnlocked Cervical Myelopathy page. In the UK it is Boxing Day aka St Stephen's Day. To all those that celebrate, I just wanted to stop by & wish you all a very Merry Christmas - hope it's been a time of love & joy for you.

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Merry Christmas Shirley, hope you had nice one x


Hi Clive

It's been a very quiet one. I wasn't able to get everything fully prepared as I physically couldn't do it all. I went to see my eldest son who is working over Xmas & New Year in Scotland & can't come home but I had to do a roadtrip & stay overnight. SInce I got home I've paid for it, pain & stiffness wise, but it was worth it.

Apart from that it was just me & my other 2 boys for a basic Xmas lunch. I managed to cook & get the tree up. It wasn't how I was expecting it to turn out, but it was still good to be together.

That's the thing with myelopathy - you have to lower your standards somewhat. The good news is that it's ok to to be "good enough". I stopped doing perfection many years ago - far too stressful lol.

Hope you had a lovely time too & all the best with 2019 coming up.

Shirley x


Hi Shirley, I can't understand how symptoms ie bowels bladder legs can get worse after surgery my surgeon said it's possible I could end up in a wheelchair no guarantees my worry is the feeling of tightness in breathing even though I have had the lungs test and why parts of my bodys feeling is different to other parts numbness the only thing that got better was my mouth ulcers and sensitive teeth x


Hi Clive. It doesn't make sense, does it? Things "shouldn't" get worse after surgery, but I suppose it can do post operatively due to trauma & swelling from the op itself. However, once that settles, you should then find out what's going on & hopefully symptoms stabilise or possibly improve. Bear in mind not all damage is picked up on MRI scanning as it might not be sensitive enough & perhaps alteration in blood flow to the spinal cord might give rise to myelomalacia I.e. permanent damage to the cord. Post op swelling could possibly cause it too, but you wouldn't know unless the mri is repeated post op. It's a really mixed bag as far as symptoms go & although we have myelopathy in common, symptoms are unique to each patient as noone suffers the exact same damage. 😢



Hi Shirley, that is very true I look back at my journey and can't work things out I had gone from going toilet all time to going into retention and bowel problems which I still have ulcerative colitis to deal with ,if I eat big meal and drink to quickly I bloat badly and go into retention everything is to be done slowly , before op I would go from twitching to jerking I'm on baclofen top dose , anyway all the best to you and family for 2019 x


Right back at you, Clive. May 2019 provide some comfort & joy for you & your family 😊