Cervical Myelopathy and stenosis

Cervical Myelopathy and stenosis

I am challenged with severe Cervical stenosis and severe Myelopathy. The most difficult part of having this is this. I have constant light headednes every day. I don't feel it when I am lying down. If anyone has this condition, please reply with any suggestions. They (dr's) say there is no treatment for it and is non-reversible. Stacy1983

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  • Stacy hi it's Alison. Sorry to read that you also have this horrible disease. Like you I have lightheadedness which often morphs into severe headrush but for me it's worse when I lie down, bend down or reach up. I've been perscribed tablets for dizziness but they didn't help. During the last six years I've had three operations for cord compression. Following the operations the lightheadedness improved but crept back in each time about six months on. No one has been able to offer any medical advice regarding this. Sorry not to be more helpful. I replied so that you know you are not alone and I understand what a major symptom it is because it's hard to operate when you feel spaced out all the time. Look after yourself x

  • Hello, sorry your suffering with this as I am too. I've had the dizziness for 25 years , tested for everything thru the years but my cord compression went unnoticed even though it showed in my MRIs all along.

    Like others my dizziness got better after both my surgeries but lingers on. Comes and goes and makes it difficult to manage getting a job, doing daily chores or just a casual activity.

    Makes one feel like a prisoner and no one understands it. Wish there was a magic pill to take or a cure.

    I totally understand. Maybe someone will share what other drs have suggested or prescribed to aid this side effect of CM.



  • Lovely post, thanks so much that. Hang tight they say.

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