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Painful spots on my legs which leave scarring, what are they and what's causing them??

I get painful spots on my legs and they don't appear to be like normal spots. They can be quite big and usually go down themselves but then leave a dark scar in their place. I used to love my legs, now I feel very self conscious. Is this just ingrown hairs? What can I do to treat this problem?

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Hello Teresa, I recently had a bad reaction to a Steroid, for my lungs not my skin,and as I have Psoriasis I have steroids occasionaly for my skin condition but on this dosage my legs had what I can only describe as painful boils. That was five weeks ago and the area's affected have not yet healed properly and the skin is very discoloured. I am back to the doctors this afternoon to urge a solution so will let you know what happens. This close to Christmas I would try and see the Doctor before they close down so you don't have this on your mind. You can always email BSF for advice, they know far more about skin than anyone.

Try not to stress, it could be a factor in the condition.



Hi teresa18,

As Jane says, you really need to see your doctor. There are numerous conditions that can cause spots/rashes on the legs.

Click the following link for further info:

Take care, Shell x


Hi Teresa,

As Jane and Shell have both said beforehand, we would recommended you visit your GP as soon as possible if the condition is causing you discomfort and embarrassment. Unfortunately we are unable to offer any advice with regard to diagnosis.

He or she will be able to refer you to a dermatologist if necessary.

Please let us know how you get on.

And good luck!


Hi Teresa

The darkspots are called hyperpigmentation. Often left by trauma to the skin, acne can cause it too.


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