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Hi eveyone I have just found this site. There doesn't seem to be any very recent blogs or questions so am not sure if site used much!

I was diagnosed with HS about 7 years ago. Its a horrible disease. Mine has now spread so my consultant said there is not much they can do now apart from incising each abcess as they come..

I find this quite depressing.

I have ended up in hospital before with them. They are so painful and I get most of them at the top of my inner thigh so I can't even walk properly when I get one.

I'm hoping to share stories and information with other sufferers.

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Hi Hypercat,

The site has been very quiet lately. It could be that everyone's busy getting ready for Christmas.

I have Sweet's syndrome not HS, but I know that Npainbuthopeful and Bio-thingey have your condition.

Hopefully, things will pick up soon.

Shell x


Oh thank you Shell don't know whats Sweet's syndrome is but I wish you all the best.

Happy xmas to you.

Bev x


Have we met before on BLF??


I am on BLF but I don't recognise your name Annie. Do you use a different name there?

Bev x


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