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Hi all.

I have some questions about boils.

I've had a boil that is 3 to 4 inches in diameter on the right butt cheek. And after taking antibiotics there is a head and it broke. Pus and stuffs starts flowing out, but after that the head remains protruding and looks like a cap of a size of a 10 cents coin.

Will the protruding head goes away by itself after that? Or will it remain like that forever? 🤦🏻‍♂️

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Hi casyjunio, I have been plagued with abbcesses for several years, and suffer with acne and I'm a male in my mid fifties!!! If you have a repeat problem with eruptions and tend to be around the private parts, or under your armpits, and around the back of your ears, there's a skin condition called hydragenitus (not sure of the spelling) which can cause long term break outs but if it's just an isolated boil, and its ruptured and you finish the course of antibiotics it should settle down, yes very painful as I've had to have surgery in the past to drain and then get them packed out with gauze, which in itself is eye wateringly agony, if you do get any further outbreaks and the same boil fills up, it might need to be surgically addressed but unfortunately there's no guarantee that it won't come back, or it could be a hair follicles where the hair grows back and then just coils up under the skin, a bit like a splinter of wood in the skin and then the infection starts, hopefully by having a warm bath and until the puss runs out, and only like a clear fluid and partial fresh blood in the residue will the tell tale signs that it's healing, and all being well it's just a one off, if you have any other questions, please don't be embarrassed to ask, as it's a tender subject to deal with, good luck.

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So I Guess I’m with hydragenitus. Is there any medication or cure for it ?


I not to sure about the word "cure", I've been plagued with this condition for several years, there doesn't seem to be a week without some sort of break out, I've decided to give the antibiotics a miss for a while as I've been on them several times this year, and I'm weary that if I get any other conditions that need treatment I feel I've been through enough tablets and I don't think they actually stop the problem, yes it might settle down, but within the week there's a new boil already on its way, so it's a tough call, I think you'd know if you're having these skin problems and how your responding to treatment, but if it's a one of boil, hopefully you'll have no other problems, so these things are so painful and it's no laughing matter, all being well and you are given the diagnosis that's a start, but don't surmise that because you have one boil it means you have this skin condition, good luck for now.


Hi Caseyjunio,

I have never been plagued by boils but I had for some time an abscess-type thing on my posterior that raised itself periodically and then subsided. This summer it became a "solid" sore lump that I tried to encourage to open but it wouldn't. I used magnesium sulphate, hot water and so on to try and puncture the skin and draw out the puss. Eventually I was partially successful and it became even more angry and sore. At the hospital the surgeon opened it up under local anaesthetic but said that a fistula had formed and was so deep that it was somewhere near my colon if not already in there (as was the case). I needed a full operation but luckily I have not suffered incontinence as was one declared possibility. So, the bottom line is, without scare-mongering, don't leave it. Get expert medical advice now.


I get boils once every few years , I think mine is stress.

So this is what I do and works for me. I put apple cider vinegar on cotton ball and then put cotton ball on big plaster or surgical tape keeping edges of tape dry then tape to boil. Alternatively you can put garlic on plater then plaster on boils.

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