'Freak? - Who, Me????

'Freak? - Who, Me????

I was born with many many health issues including Hydrocephalus (water of the brain), missing fingers and toes from the left side and a Bilateral Cleft Lip and Palate. There are more but I won't bore everyone with listing them all! Will save everyone that 'delight'! LOL.

My Parents knew there were 'issues' before I was born, but not to the extent to what they were. I was born in the 70's, so the scans were only just starting out then.

I really should start at the beginning and give a 'whistle-stop' tour of my life. So sit back, here goes.

Mum had been attending the hospital and her GP regularly for a while. She was told she had a 'large Ovarian Cyst' on one of the ovaries. Was taken in for the op to remove the 'Cyst' - except 'the cyst, wasn't a cyst, it was ME!

Mum spent most of the pregnancy in and out of hospital after this. So was told she would give birth by a planned C Section. As I was due on Boxing Day, this made things difficult, due to staff shortages over the holiday time. It was worse, because the staff left Mum a long time in labour before giving the C Section and nearly lost us both. I was born 3 days early!

I was in hospital for my first 6 months. Lucky I don't remember any of this really, isn't it! I had my op for the Hydrocephalus done at 5 days and then the start of my facial op's done at 6 weeks. Then the next one at 12 weeks.

My op's on my face continued until just before I reached my 24th birthday. I had had enough by then and said I no longer wanted any more. My surgeon said he would continue as long as I'd want him too. I'm no 'super model', but hey, I wouldn't actually want to be. NOT that there is anything wrong in being a super model, it's just not what I'd aspire to be.

The main problems started when I was at school. I was made to feel a 'freak'. This was mainly by adults, or people old enough to know better. School was awful with the way I was treated, but hey, I got through it. I have suffered years of bullying due to my appearance. It's actually a relatively short time since I realised it's the bully who has the bigger problem though and has to 'make someone else's life hell, in order to get on with their own life. Had names called such as 'freak, elephant woman, to name a few.

I've also suffered bullying at workplaces too, and in one place it was so bad I had a nervous breakdown. In a round about way though, I am actually GLAD it happened, or I'd still be stuck in a dead end job I hated. Now, I'm doing stuff I love and for once, being appreciated and treated the way everyone in life should be allowed to be treated - with respect and as an equal.

I wouldn't have coped the way I have, had I not had thye support of my family and friends around me.

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  • Einzil, I have read your story and I just wanted to say you are a real inspiration, you have been through so much and yet you are so strong and seem to have a great sense of humour. People can be so cruel, it is bad enough you were bullied at school, but at work! It is truly disgusting that supposedly grown adults wish to make someone so miserable and upset. I am so pleased that out of all the bad, something good happened. It is great that you are now doing things you love. You really are an amazing lady.

  • Hi Kate, thanks SO much for all the lovely comments, but I just have to say, I really am NOT inspirational. I'm just 'me'. I am a realist I suppose, and just get on with things as best I can.

    You're right when you said it's disgusting that supposedly grown adults widh to make someone so miserable and upset, unfortunately for me, this is how my life has been. In saying this though, I'm in a way, maybe the better person? Afterall, I got out of a job I hated due to the people I worked with and am doing stuff I love doing. I know where I'd rather be. THanks again for your comments x

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