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Cervical polyp

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hi.Had my usual smear test yesterday and they saw a cervical polyp ..Has anyone else ever had one of these ,my gp is not concerned as she says its only tiny like a blood blister but if I get any symptoms from it to go bk and see her ..im freaking out I have real bad health anxiety all my life ,by the way im 63 and post menapausel .TIA for your replys x

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HI Lyn

Please do not worry. I know that’s easy to say when you have health anxiety I have that too so I totally get it. I recently had post menopausal bleed and it freaked me out. I was so bad I ended up paying private for the scan. All was well.

Cervical polyps are very common especially post menopause. But they can happen any age. I too had them many years ago and had them removed. They are nearly always benign. You may have had the polyps some time lots of women have them and don’t know. If you still continue worrying about it go back to your GP and explain your concern. Hope this helps

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hi summer love 😘 Thank you for your reply ,I try not to worry I really do but its all iv done all my life,my daughter has HA we are always here for one another ..HA sucks it really does .Iv also got lithen sclerosis down below which im also freaking out about got the usual steroid cream ..My trouble is I always google stuff and I know I shouldnt ,I only google to get reasurance but I never get that 🥺.I will most probably have the polyp removed as its just the thought of it being their now .😘

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