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Tiny red blood pinprick spots on skin

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Does anyone else get these?

I know I’ve had them for at least a few years, but they seem to be multiplying. I have them mainly on my biceps and forearms. I have a few on my chest and stomach also. There’s literally hundreds of them.

A little background:

This is my 2nd time quitting birth control (December 2021 was my last pack). However, I tried quitting it previously in April/May 2019, but ended up getting back on it January 2020 because I had a period that wouldn’t end. At that time I had extensive blood work done twice for clotting disorders and to check blood counts and everything was normal. I’m pretty sure during this time, that is when I noticed the spots too.

I do not have any other weird symptoms: no fever, no random nosebleeds, no excessive bleeding, no random bruising that can’t be explained, etc. No family history of any blood disorders. However, my mother said she used to get them and occasionally still does, but not as many as me. She also has a bunch of cherry angiomas. I do have a few of those too. No known allergies besides seasonal allergies.

I also have buttloads of anxiety and stress 😅

I have an appointment with a doctor on May 4th and I’m going to ask for some blood work.

I’m curious if anyone else gets these?

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I have a lot of them. The most of them are super super tiny.

Yes I have loads of these all over my body some big some small…I just presumed it was to do with age but reading messages here it’s not the case…they just look nasty but don’t think it’s much to worry about.

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