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Dark areas on skin

Found some dark areas on my skin today, not sure what they are. I plan on having them looked at by a doctor.

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Whatever has triggered them they're not terribly sinister looking because when you fold them in half they match, more sinister growths don't do that. Are you on a medication or supplement that could be darkening pigment? Any allergies going on that could trigger mast cells?


Thank you. No I am not taking any medication or supplements. As far as I know I don't have any allergies. They don't itch or anything. I finally have a doctor appointment to have them and the lump on my leg checked on Tuesday. They still look the same.

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Likely just pigmentation change with time and exposure to sunlight. God speed x


Went to the doctor Tuesday, she said to just keep an eye on the spots. She wants me to have the lump on my leg removed, says it's probably just a lipoma.


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