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Hay there, I am 40 years old and new to this forum which I am finding ever so useful so far. I wondered if there are any members that suffer from multiple autoimmune conditions and if so what changes did you have to make to your life which you felt improved things i.e. dietary changes, lifestyle, supplements etc. I have vitiligo but was very recently diagnosed with pernicious anaemia also. Look forward to hearing from anyone re this.

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Suppressing the immune system is what needs to be done for autoimmune disorders

Testosterone suppresses the immune system but I am female and don't want to get a deep voice I'm sure my GP wouldn't give me a prescription anyway I do take DHEA which is a precursor to testosterone so I am getting some testosterone

I took CBD oil for a while as I know that cannabis suppresses the immune system but it had a bad effect on me I got very depressed felt like throwing myself off a cliff when I looked at the NHS website it said one of the side effects of CBD oil is suicidal thoughts

So I am now going to smoke cannabis instead

My health problems started when I took rhodiola it fired up my immune system and I developed eczema

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Hi Lollyloo,

I find that autoimmune conditions are like Lay's Potato Chips (Crisps).....you can't have just one.πŸ˜„

I seem to keep collecting them.....Talk about a club you wish you weren't a member of..... It's like the mafia; you never get out:l

Even with all of the supplements and changes in diet, personal care, and cleaning products, it can still be a struggle. But, even the slightest improvements are better than where I've been. So, though costly, I feel the changes are definitely worth it.

*Gluten/Dairy Free

*Reducing sugar in diet

*Identifying and avoiding sensitivities (food, chemical, environmental)

*Healing leaky gut

*Treating gut infections

*Filtered water

*Magnesium Malate

*Potassium Citrate

*Vit C

*Selenium Methionine

*Methylated B Complex

*B12 Injections

*Plant Based Probiotics

*Vit D3/K2

*Flaxseed Oil/Fish Oil

*Natural Vitamin E (Mixed Tocopherols)

*Vit A (Palmitate)

*Flouride Free Toothpaste

*Homemade Lotions/Deodorant

*Himalayan Pink Salt

*Avoid Artificial Food Dyes

*Limited Soy (found in many gluten free products)


*Milk Thistle

*Antifungal (Candida) Herbal Formula

*Change home air filters frequently

That's quite a bit when you write it all out. But, it becomes second nature rather quickly. The more improvement you notice, the easier it becomes.😊

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Hi Lollyloo,

Just wanted to say that I recently read of a specific link with vitiligo and PA that is distinct from the other autoimmune connections. I'd share a link but I really don't remember where I saw it.

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Thanks for the replies guys. Firstly I need to be googling these potato lay chips as they sounds delish!

Well now it's all a bit overwhelming isn't it? I was only diagnosed a few days ago following which I logged on here and have learnt so darn much.

I think the most important thing for me right now to to stay focused and take one step at a time. I go for my 2nd B12 injection tomorrow which is when I will also start keeping a daily log of how l am feeling. Based on my results to date I am also going to start to take a folic supplement and gentle iron. Diet isn't as much of a worry as I eat quite well although I would like to maybe come off gluten to see how that goes. Heres a question for you all. Are you aware on anything which suggests that either going on or coming off a contraceptive pill would have any effect on this condition? I have tried researching but everything I come across is very technical and above my head.


Google Dr. Jolene Brighten. She is one of the top experts on the effects birth control has on the body. She also has a book. Check on Amazon for it. If not it is available on her website. Good luck.😊.... Lay's are definitely some of the tastiest chips in the world (or the US at least). You definitely need to try a bag.πŸ‘


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Thanks EII17 this is something I will be exploring further. (Just looked up lays, its breakfast time here in the UK but if I was faced with bag of those crinkle cuts I would be devouring them right now)


Coming off the contraceptive pill is the best thing you can do - estrogen promotes allergies

As I said earlier testosterone suppresses the immune system and thats why men have more illnesses than women but women overwhelmingly have more autoimmune conditions - that's why testosterone is good for allergies / autoimmune disorders and that's why estrogen is bad


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