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Looking for a normal hair straightener

I have very curly and frizzy hair. I have been using a flat iron to straighten it for a long time. But after 2 years of using, my hair became over-dried. It looks very unhealthy. My doctor advises me to stop using a straightener at all or to try to find a device with less damageable effect.

I found HeadKandy hair straightening brush here: mystraightener.com/

They say, its ionizing function protects hair from damaging and from burns. But I am hesitating. If it is only a piece of marketing, you know?

Please, advise me something, if you had a similar situation.

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I use to straighten my hair everyday. My hair stylist fried my hair with bleach. A different stylist told me to go to ulta and by some hair oils that matched my hair problems. After I get out the shower I massage a dime size amount of the oils in my hair. The oils don't make your hair look greasy at all. My hair has gained its health back and is looking better than ever. I suggest using hair oils and getting the ends cut monthly. Don't use heat on your hair if you have to make sure you use heat protectant. Let your natural hair have a while without any heat.


Oh, thank you! I will try

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I swear GHD is a girl's best friend! Its fantastic but it can be abit pricey for some people. However, its worth it.

If you want more options for straightening your hair, check this article hairstraightenermodels.com/... . Pretty informative


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