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Common Wart, half fallen off....urgent help needed?

Hello. So I attempted to treat a 7mm wart on my finger with salycilic acid and apple cider vinegar. In hindsight I should have been more patient and used less but im squeamish/useless and wanted it gone.

Midway thru self treating I had to call 111 because pus came out when filing and it appeared infected. I saw an emergency doc within 6 hours, and got an antibiotic, as he classed it as a minor infection. He advised to keep using the Salycilic acid alongside the antibiotic.

However that night after treating some more I realised I put extra strength bazuka on to the surrounding area thinking it will peel off and I thinking it will treat some of the infection as pus was coming still oozing out slightly. It was hard to know what to do.

However I realised my mistake about half an hour later and took it off only to take off the top layer of skin and half a dead wart (and a lot of the infection. )

What is left is a large part of black wart embedded in red raw skin. This is taking up quite a large very grim part of my finger.

I cleaned it up and put a plaster but panicking now. How on earth am I going to continue to kill the remaining wart with anything if the without protective skin around it. I almost thought it was bleeding it was that red. Please can someone advise i'm severely depressed. I have a regular GP appt in 7 days but dont know if this needs quicker treatment.

I guess the sensible thing to do will be to see if the surrounding skin heels however I kind of want to sterilise some tweezerz and tweeze the remaining wart out as I have quite good access. I will prob be more sensible and wait for it to come out and the skin to heel. I heard some people say they have removed these things themselves. I could bandage it or go A&E if it bleeds too much. I am taking antibiotics so might be okay to proceed and just hope it doesn't come back but right now im pretty sure the sucker will start growing...

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Hi Hisona

Although this info does not specifically cover your predicament, perhaps reading my 2 replies to 'Warta on toddler's arm' problem a few weeks back may be of some help, especially if you suffer from warts again.

I did consider the apple cider treatment but fortunately chose the silver backed duct tape cure which was quick and 100% effective.

Hope that this info is of some use to you.


28 Aug 2017


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