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Attacked by bugs maybe!


Is there any gentle help, for skin which is driving me mad ! I have allergies, just now I have Urticaria, its a red angty rash whic is attacking pretty ( which its not ) much all my skin, maybe started by insect bite,or different wash powder or or dust mites or heat etc .The doc gave me extra antihistamines and prednisalone, but its driving me to drink ! However that can make it worse , help.😲

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Just a wee suggestion, get some cooled boiled water and drip a few drops of lavender oil and a few of tea tree oil and swirl it about. Test a patch of your skin using a clean cotton wool ball to see if it has any effect/any unwanted reaction. Lavender is cooling and anti-inflammatory, tea tree is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. Both oils are useful for a host of things and are usually not too pricey. Let me know how you get on xx

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