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Skin irritation

I am new to this website and would like to find some answer's to this condition.

My right thigh gets very itchy most at nights when in bed, some times the is a severe momentary pain in the thigh something like being stabbed with a red hot needle, I am driven to scratch the area severely, some times I can lessen the irritation by applying 'Savlon' ointment, visibly there is no signs of anything untoward although it does feel feel slightly numb compared with my left thigh.

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I've had something like that, feeling like my thigh muscle is tearing or is itchy and when you scratch it the skin feels numb. It's a difficult one to diagnose because there seems to be many possible causes.

I did google it in the past and people were saying things like Shingles (reactivation of dormant chicken pox virus), B12 deficiency, Hives (sudden allergic reaction to something touched or ingested), pinched nerve from stressed leg position.

Try and change things in your routine as a first step. If normally you're putting your body weight on that right thigh and compressing the nerve, try sleeping on your left side instead and put a pillow between your legs to support the right thigh comfortably. If that doesn't improve things perhaps look at the fabrics you wear in bed or anything you eat/drink before bed that might cause a skin reaction.


Excellent advice. Also, when meds don't help, the itching could become chronic if to continue. Apart from the above advice, try natural remedies like aromatherapy oil on small areas of non-broken skin. It works for some people.

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