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How to other check their moles?

Hi everyone, I'm new here. I just wondered how people with loads (and I mean LOADS) of moles check them and manage to tell if any of them change or if there's anything wrong with them? I have hundreds of moles of all shapes, sizes and colours all over my body so it's impossible for me to tell if any of them change or anything? Also, I can't see my back and my husband wouldnt know what he's looking for if I asked him to check for me. I have read all about skin cancer and melanomas so know what to look for (it think). I have moles with irregular edges, bigger moles, smaller moles, darker moles, etc. But I just don't know how to tell if they're normal or not?! I also used to use the sunbeds very regularly (about 3-4 times a week for 15 mins at a time for about 2-3 years) but don't use them now. Anyone got any advice? Or should I just make an appointment with the GP to have them checked anyway?

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Funny enough your problem mirrors my own, I have lots of moles on

my back in particular and my husband also doesnt know what to look

for. I went to see my GP on Monday for just that reason and although

he did look I did feel he thought I was wasting his time!! Anyhow he

told me to get my husband to take a picture and then from time to

time check to see if there were any changes hmm!!! I showed him the

one on my hand ( see above post ) and he hardly spoke ( anything I

could decipher anyway ) I found myself outside with the cream in my

hand but not a great deal wiser. The cream had a very adverse effect

on my bowels so I stopped it.

Actually I was late for my appointment (10 mins ) but there was no

one at all waiting ( 9 40am) we have a very bad bus service now and

the delay was no fault of mine which I explained to the receptionist.

I should probably have pointed out that I waited 45 minutes the previous

Friday and I didnt complain.

My next move...I have no idea.



Sorry to read about your experience with a disinterested doctors.There are good and bad doctors everywhere.I am of immediate Irish ancestry and have pale white skin with many moles especially on my right leg and here and there elsewhere.Due to having a history of a mole that turned cancerous actually it became a melanoma and was removed in 2011.Prior to that about 2009,I had a sore that was not identified by my then doctor.A second doctor immediately said it looked like a cancer.It was a squamous cell carcinoma.Due to the history ,I now have yearly skin checks.And monitor my moles and record any changes.

I would just get another doctor who can refer you to a specialist if necessary.All the best.


Ask your mole related questions to one of our dermatologists here between 8-11th May.


You should definitely go to the doctors and have them checked out then if he thinks anything is changing they will get you an appointment to see a skin specialist, good luck


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