How long to heal from tsw? Are there any natural remedies to use on my face that can help eliminate the itchy dry and redness?

I have been using hydrocortisone 1% cream for 3 months straight and have stopped a few days ago causing face to be red sensitive and itchy,dry.

I was wondering if moisturizing slows down the heal process? Cause some people say so.

Can I put oil on my face to help my face heal faster or should I put nothing on it and just wait?

Also should I wash my face with water or use a cleanser? The current cleanser I use is aveen ultra calming foam.

Please help!

Please let me know what hydrocortisone does to your face if you know. Thank you :)

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  • Hi, you mentioned tsw so you must have been doing your research and come across some and some Facebook groups that offer a lot if information aNd support for topical steroid withdrawal. If not, look into it as you will find answers to your questions and then some.

    Everyone is different and the heal time will varie. Try to use natural products and keep it to whatever level makes you comfortable. If washing with aveeno feels good, do it. If it doesn't , don't. The true remedy is time. Everything else is to make you as comfortable as possible. Some can't handle even water and not washing mor bathing / showering is surprisingly fine and you won't smell.

    I'd you do suffer from steroid addiction be prepared that your skin will get worse before it gets better bit ifyou are patient and stay away from all forms of cortisone, you will heal. Good luck

  • Hydrocortisone thins the skin. Thinner skin becomes dryer quicker. Moisturizing can introduce bacteria to the skin which responds by becoming itchy.

    You are going to have to search the web to see if there is anything to undo the damage the Hydrocortisone has done.

  • I do have the same problem . I only use hydrocortisone if I can't bear the itchiness.Right now I try to stay out of the sun. I am using a cream I bought from Body Shop containg Aloe Vere. It helps a little bit. I also have Aveeno for my arms. Drinking chamomile tea helps too.

  • I found a cream which is really useful. Body shop cream with aloe vera. Wearing a hat can be helpful. Stop using.hydrocortisone, instead, use a moisturizing.cream.

  • Hello!

    Im also suffering of TSW right now.. I've been doing it now for 6 months, and my skin is getting better but it have been a slow process.. So here is my experience so far...

    I wash my face every evening with soap that is for very sensitive skin. I use moisturizers because I think that it is easier that way.. I tried first without any moisturizers but my face got so bad that I couldn't handle it anymore.. So basic moisturaizers have been working for me.

    You need to stop using hydrocortisone, thats what makes it worse first of all..

    This is what I discovered today..( have been working for many) So you mix olive oil and natural powdersugar. You need to make a paste that will hold on your skin but not too thick. You should wear the paste 24/7 is thats possible. Of course sometimes during the day you should wash it off and then put a new layer. Here is the story sugarwasafriendofmine.wordp... . I just started this today so I cannot say my opinion yet. But first 10-15 minutes it was burning a bit but then the itcyhing stopped and it started to feel good on my skin. After few hours I feel much better and my skin is not that red anymore! This treatment is worth of trying.. at least 5-9 days.

    I hope this helps you ! You can ask further questions if you like :)

    I wish all the best for you !

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