Skin Hassles

I usually get a skin itch each time after bathing and it's real stressful and painful, what could be the cause because this has been happening for a year now.

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  • Are you using anything in the bath either to make it foamy or to clean yourself with? A lot of bath products contain sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS) as a foaming agent which can irritate skin, as can ordinary soap. I use Doublebase bath in the water and Dermol 500 instead of soap. You can get these from a pharmacy/on script from GP.

  • I am changing soaps and lotions now and then and nothing is improving. Some times I even bath without the use of soap or applying any lotion but the itching doesn't stop yet it gets worse and worser. Now it has come to a point where my whole body itches even during the day and in the night. I am so confused but they referred me to a dermatologist I don't know hopefully I can get some assistance. But I still need so medical advices from my fellow people.

  • Yeah now I'm starting to think that maybe its because I have a dry skin. I will try that emollient cream hopefully it can be of help. Thanks.

  • Hi there, sounds like the temperature of the bath is too hot which is irritating your skin, that sometimes happens to me. Or/& the soap/shower gel is irritating your skin. Try like warm showers instead of a bath and instead of using soap use an emollient cream. Which you can then also put on after. If skin is dry. Hope this helps

  • Whenever I have similar it is a combination of too hot water followed by long soak in cooling water and the standing of the guard hairs in response to the cool temperature on getting out.

    Patting dry instead of rubbing, and trying to ignore it while you potter around making coffee (or whatever) helps with making it go away faster for me. Usually only lasts a few minutes if I don't irritate the skin by scratching or rubbing, hard though that is.

  • see if you can get a doctor to see if you have aquagenic pruritus...i have this condition and its ruled my life for a long time....i cover myself in e45 oil head to toe before partner helps me with the back...i also get aquagenic pruritus from in the kitchen ...sweating and sometimes in the put this condition to your doctor...hope it helps...

  • Your problem seems to be dry skin. You need to put lotion on your skin after a shower or bath. Do not use very hot water when you bathe and try to get a glycerin soap to use. It will be less drying on your skin.

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