I have had deep skin cellulitis for almost a year, I take flucloxacillin antibiotics to no affect yet, incidentally I have had lymphedema which has according to the hospital turned to lymphoma, for which I have had so far four chemotherapy treatments avery three weeks at the hospital, two more to go yet, my doctor seems to think my celulitis has healed, yet I still get the same shocks in my nerves, I have had a portion of skin taken off in a fall recently, that is not healing to quick after having two dressings applied at my local clinic in two weeks.

Any answers please.

i have had

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  • You are having a really tough time of it. I did not know that lymphoedema could turn into lymphoma! hopefully your cellulitis will clear with the antibiotics you are on, it's always a risk for lymhoedema folks.

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