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(Sweating) idiopathic hyper hydroses

I was wandering if anyone can i need help please ! Me, I was diagnosed with "idiopathic hyper hydroses " constant bouts of sweating but that bad it's running off you even dripping it's from head to toe it's gotten so bad I can't go out much if I try to do anything like housework I'm soaked if I eat or drink anything slightly warm it happens even a bath triggers it I can take up to 2 hours after a bath for it to stop. I was watching a medical detectives program on sky one time and there was a lady with exactly the same thing in the end her husband found a paper written by a doctor in the Netherlands (I think) it was about this condition and how a daily tablet can stop it the tablet was actually prescribed for another condition (something to do with bladder problems)but it gave the lady her life back. I did record the program and wrote the name of the tablet down but have lost both, is there any one out there who has this problem who could tell me how they deal with it my GP is at a loss as to witch tablet it is and my symptoms are getting worse please help if you can. Gail x

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So sorry I haven't but I really hope that someone on the forum can help Gail.


I suffered with the same problem until I was browsing on one of the nhs forums, and read about a woman who had been giving some tablets by her doctor for sweating, so I wrote the name of it on a piece of paper and went to my doctor and just gave him the bit of paper and told him that was what i wanted. Boy I wish i had known about them sooner, they work wonders. They are called Oxybutyn.


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