Young people (12-24) sought to evaluate web sites

The Centre for Evidence Based Dermatology (CEBD) have been asked to help find patients and carers to help with the evaluation of a number of new dermatology topics on the healthtalk on-line website The website is independently funded and the primary aim is to provide information and support for patients affected by a variety of conditions by seeing and hearing about the real-life experiences of other patients.

This is the first time that skin conditions have been covered on the website and they are seeking feedback on the following areas- eczema, psoriasis, acne and alopecia which all focus on the experience of younger people living with these conditions. Anyone who would like to help evaluate the website is welcome to do so, whether they personally have (or had) the condition or not and whatever their age. The study team have set up a portal page where people can register their interest in helping evaluate the sites:

The evaluation will be running for the rest of January and they will then briefly take down the websites to make changes based on the feedback. The websites will be ‘officially’ launched after this.


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