I recently took out both nipple piercings due to them constantly getting infected (around 3 weeks ago). I just stepped out of the shower and noticed the entrance hole which had closed over has become infected after it picked it the other's yellow and quite large and I'm so scared😢 I have just held salty warm water over it for 20 minutes and it's starting to sting a lot now, do I wait until tomorrow and phone my doctor or do I go to out of hours now?

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  • Sorry Chloe just read this. Hope you went out of hours or to minor injuries clinic and got antibiotics x

  • No it burst and I just cleaned it with salt water solution, it's completely away now😯 Just a little red, I will buy an antiseptic spray tommorrow. A doctor phoned me back last night and told me to just keep cleaning it x

  • That's great news honey take care x

  • Thank you so much!x

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