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I have just found this site and don't know if it will help me but I am getting kinda desperate

About 18 months ago I got some small itchy spots on my ankles like flea bites though I have no pets, it got progressivly itchy and I was scratching and making it bleed, the doctor gave me some steroid cream and I used that for about 6 months with no relief it just got worse, I stopped the cream and still it got worse then I went on holiday and got some mosqito bites on my legs, they got infected and now I have ulcers on that leg my problem is the amount of pain I am in... I normally have a very high pain threshold but this is some thing else, I am going well over the limits of codein, paracetamol and neproxen but to no avail, this pain is relentless, Keep telling my doctor there is something else going on, he is sending me for blood tests for B12 and I think it could be that it's my nerves as my diet is not good and hasn't been for years plus I am an alcoholic which is probably why I keep being ignored, any advice would be welcome as it all feels hopeless now, I can barely walk have lost my business.

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Maybe try tea tree oil on the skin. It can soothe a lot of things. If there are open sores though, do not use it. It will sting.

Try taking l-theanine. It calms the nerves, helps with sleep, and can help calm down skin reactions. Take 30 minutes before sleep.


Please do not give up hope. You can use tea tree oil and also lavender oil. Try mixing a few drops of each with an unperfumed skin cream in a 50g tub. Smooth on twice a day. Lavender good for relieving itch and pain x


Hi Buggy,

I'm really sorry to hear about your suffering. Stay positive and know that you can do something about it. You will find lots of really good advice on here, most of us have had problems of some sort and want to help others.

I would start with looking at you diet. There's a really good nutritionist called Patrick Holford, he's written many books, which you can easily find on eBay or Amazon. The best one is The NEW Optimum Nutrition Bible, a must read.

If I were you I would cut out any rubbish from your life, start eating vegetables, soup, steamed, salads, juices and fruit and green smoothies.

Next I think you should start listening to Jerry Tennant, Dr Tent, Stephen Sinatra, Dr Mercola and Dr Gerald Pollack, you can find their videos on YouTube.

Our body is very clever, it can fix itself, we shouldn't need long term medications, for most of our health problems anyway. The problem is that we're not getting everything our body needs from our food, so we have many deficiencies. Most illnesses we have are to do with deficiencies in our diet. Everybody is different and what is good for one person won't be good for the next, but we all need the basics, lots of good quality veg and fruit, clean water and get rid of as many toxins from our life as possible.

I have a few basics that you can check out if you want to;

Look at Earthing/Grounding, it may sound crazy but it works.

Also, Water, we have so much rubbish in our water, I'm saving up for the Jivara Maximus water filter by The Wellness Enterprise .... Check out the Hunza Tribe and structured water and you'll understand why.

Breathing, we breath wrong, too shallow, we're supposed to breath deeply into our stomach as well as our chest... We need oxygen in our cells!

If you juice veg and fruit it can be processed much more quickly by the body and you will absorb more of the goodness from it. Also, look up acid and alkaline foods and drink, try to have a more alkaline diet, too much acid isn't good. So t's a good idea to knock Coca Cola, meat and sugar, etc. on the head.

We're all different, some things that work well for one person may not work for another, so it's a lot of trial and error. At the beginning of changing your diet you may not feel too good, some people have headaches and flu like symptoms, but that's just the toxins coming out of the body and a good thing. After a while you will start to feel better, have more energy and notice improvements in your health. Don't think about it, just do it.

Sorry I've gone on a bit, there's a lot more I could say but I don't want to bore you too much.

I wish you luck, please post how you get on and what you find works for you.

Best wishes,



Why dont you try salveation. My cuz used it for her psoriaiis and it worked miracles. Says on the label it can be used to heal rashes and scabs ect. Also acupuncture gets good feedback. I know a guy who goes to starbucks and it cured his chronic me (fatiges). Might help with your alcoholism worth a shot.


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