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Fungal infection or ringworm

I am suffering from a fungal infection near the eyes and the face as well. I am taking the flutty 250mg tablet suggested by my doctor and the livafin ointment but still there is no improvement? I am taking these tablets now on and off since 1 year no improvement . I am from india and i really do not know whom to consult now. Tried with 2 doctors both seems to be prescribing the same medicines nobody is telling me why it is happening. What diet we should follow when you are diagonised with fungal infection especially the ringworm. and what diet should NOT be followed? Initially it was in the groin area now since that has stopped after 4 months it has started on my face. I am tired of this. It comes again and again and again. The one which has come on face is a bit thing to be worried about. I dont want to go for medicines. Please suggest

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I am so vexed for you. Fungal infections can be difficult to treat, however I have found tea tree oil and tea tree cream to be quite effective.


Hi, I had ringworm as a child my dad made me a sandbox, and a dog with ringworm had been sitting in it with me. it started in my head small circle, parents took me to doctor, he was applying some sort of medicine, I believe it was ultra violet, but it just keep getting bigger until almost my entire head was covered, no hair. Then another doctor gave me some cream called pregmatar, which is no longer available at the drug store as it once was, and I can't understand why it worked so well. Not only did it get rid of the ringworm in my hair, but I always kept some on hand, because I always had animals and didn't want to loose my hair again. Back in the fifties and sixties it was only $1.50 for a jar of it and it went a long way. It worked well on my cat's which were outside as well as inside, they always in those days ended up with a ringworm now and then. The original formula worked in a matter of a few days. I have recently tried to buy some and could only find it on the internet in other countries the best deal I could find was still not too bad for around twelve dollars. Try and find the most reliable company you can, and also tell them you would really like the original formula because it does work. wish you well, and let me know if it helped you, Thanks!


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