Hello about a month to 6 weeks Ago this small raised bump appeared on my leg (just above left to my knee). Firstly I thought it was maybe a spot however it hasn't went away, at my Doctors which helped me with figuring out I was 5 weeks pregnant, (currently 9 weeks), I asked the lady doctor to take a look at this bump to which she said it was merely just a wart 'don't worry about that, it's just a wee warty growth' however to me it looks like a mole? I am only 19 and I'm scared to what it may be? Could this be a symptom of early pregnancy? Is it in fact a wart like the doctor said? Or should I be worried? If I touch it a little or squeeze it slightly it goes blood red, it's not sore or anything if that helps

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  • To be honest a doctor knows the difference between a wart and a mole so I can't see why you don't believe her. Why not go back to another doctor and get a second opinion if you are worried? I can't see how it can be a sign of pregnancy! x

  • It's definitely not a wart look at it, I wasn't worried however a family friend who studies not eating said to get it checked again as it looks like mole...I knew it was in the first place but I'm not going to argue with a doctors opinion x

  • Doctors right. Congratulations on baby.

  • It's starting to disappear so I hope that's a good thing! Thank you so much

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