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What is this?

Started out as a couple small pale bumps last Monday. Now it's blown up and turned into this monstrosity. Went to Urgent Care Thursday, lady looked at it for 10 seconds and decided it was herpes. Medication I've been taking has been doing nothing but making it worse. It just keeps getting bigger and more fluid filled. It is extremely painful. I've been begging my boyfriend just to cut my finger off.

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Hello! Yes, it looks like herpes. symptomsinfo.com/what-shing... But it can be impetigo symptomsinfo.com/impetigo-i... -treatment /

Why cut a finger? Get examined by a doctor, take a blood test.


Do you get herpes anywhere else? Any other blister type issues anywhere else? Any other health complaints? How long have you been on the meds and how long until they're supposed to help?


I've never had a cold sore/herpes before. So to suddenly have a whitlow on my skin doesn't make sense.

I do have eczema and psoriasis. Could this possibly be dyshidrotic eczema? Around the same time I got the blisters, my eczema started acting up on my thighs.

I have been on the meds since Friday. I believe they're supposed to last until this Friday. They were supposed to show improvement after 3 days.

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Yes that's exactly why I asked. If no cold sores to actually touch, it doesn't seem likely and if the medication isn't improving it, then it seems almost certainly wrong. My daughter was told she had a cold sore which was actually angiodema and low grade anaphylaxis. Drs can make plenty of mistakes especially when they become haughty and no longer study and learn, but are rather resting on their outdated laurels.

A swab test will tell you for certain, the lesion must be active to obtain it. I personally would have it swabbed and I would probably stop the unnecessary medication screwing with my body if it wasn't needed while I waited.

To me it looks like angry eczema or psoriasis flare and you're describing those on other body parts, so I agree that's more likely.

What triggers your eczema and psoriasis? If you don't already, go to unscented hand soap and all other products including shampoo, conditioner etc and try to get baby mild which is held to a higher standard that's more fit for humans. "Beauty products" are often laden with chemicals and they all trigger flares.

Did you wear a ring on that finger prior to the flare? That holds soap against the finger beautifully in that type of spot and I've had some nasty eczema leaving my finger so painful and peeling back to red flesh.

You could start rubbing coconut oil into it, that is very effective against fungus which tends to inhabit moist places and exacerbates psoriasis and eczema. A Dr wouldn't pick that up unless he swabbed looking for fungals. Those are commonly found in the air and surface, so again more likely.

To treat anything like that, a couple of drops of pure essential tea tree oil in coconut oil as your carrier. That's more effective against microbes than many pharmaceuticals, including Candida if you apply it topically "down there" when needed.

If you need moisture regularly, which you will with eczema and psoriasis, get some pure Shea butter, don't buy anything with adulterents, get organic pure, then mix in a little argan oil, again pure organic. Just enough to turn the Shea butter into a convenient texture. Keep that in a glass jar, a little travel pot to take and rub it into all affected areas anytime you can.

Best wishes! Look for another gp or be more assertive with your concerns and reservations with that one, if they're open to that, which some aren't. It's your body and your life, be your own best advocate, don't hold back, you're precious and no-one can look after you the way you can.

God bless 😘


It looks like a flare of dyshidrotic eczema to me. Go online and search for Jennifer Fugo. She has a skin health podcast. She suffers from dyshidrotic eczema on her hands and has it in remission. She has great guests and offers wonderful (and actionable) insights on improving and helping to heal skin issues. She is one of my all time favorites.

Good luck.😊


It actually ended up being dyshidrotic eczema. It's been almost 3 weeks since it began, and it's nearly healed. The skin is still peely and completely different from the rest of the skin on my hand. Like how regular eczema looks when it's healing.

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I'm glad you were able to find out exactly what it was. I hope you're able to get and keep it under control.😊

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