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Help for excessive perspiration on face and hairline


For several months now, i have been bothered with sweating and drops of perspiration on my forehead, cheeks and hairline. Some days my face actually has water running down it. I am well past the menopause. I did initially think it was just summer heat and sweating, as i spend several months in a warmer climate than uk. It has persisted, however, even back here in the cool north of Scotland. Anyone else recognise this?

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Yes I used to get it. I think it was thyroid related. Perhaps post your question on the thyroid uk forum to see if other with thyroid issues are affected by this. I beleive sage is good for these issues so maybe sage tea. I was also very over weight when it used to happen to me. Also I believe it is possible to have an operation to correct this. Not an option I would choose as it does not deal with underlying issues and for me a bit drastic.


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