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Epaderm cream

Hi, I have discoid eczema according to the dermatologist I have just seen. I am awaiting tests to see what I allergic to. I have suffered with my hands for years and have been using steroid cream for years. Last year I had a bad outbreak which affected my face. This year it has affected the rest of my body which is why I am awaiting testing. i have been using epaderm cream prescribed by the doctor and have been taking steroid tablets . Neither really have helped my body, only my face. My body keeps breaking out. I know I am allergic to nickel, perfume and cobalt as I was tested years ago for my hands. Can anybody suggest anything other than epaderm cream. I have been told not yo take steroid tablets anymore by the dermatologist.

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hi, I also have discoid eczema and contact dermatitis. The only emolient I have found that doesn't irritate my skin is: Emulsifying ointment BP. It's just very plain, really cheap too. I found out I'm allergic to formaldehyde which is a preservative in a lot of products, listed in the ingredients it can be called 4 different names though, that may be a good one to look out for whilst your waiting for your new allergy tests. Hope that helps.


also cotton gloves over night to keep the cream or emollient on. I also found hydromol to put in your bath quite good, but again these things suit some people and not others.


Hi all it's a lottery trying to find products that don't irritate as our eczema breaks out in previously clear skin. I had trouble with my hands for years. Then my legs joined in. So I was using emollient on arms from the point of view on lymphoedema, and on legs along with occasional corticosteroid use, mostly Eumovate. Since mid-July it has spread to arms, trunk, neck, back.... in other words all over. I am trying not to scratch (ha!) but by the evening my skin is really itchy. I use Dermol in the bath as soap substitute and Doublebase gel as emollient. Good luck with getting a product that works for you!


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