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Weird rash/pimples on hands Lupus?

Hey, basically I have had this problem on my hands two years now. I have this weird rash/dry skin thing on my hands. It goes through phases of extremely dry and flaky and the other phase is after they go less flaky they get little pimples everywhere (as in a lot) some even white pimples, very small and they become so itchy and they leak puss which is sticky and even more itchy. I'm wondering if anyone has any idea what is it and what can help?

Low key think it might be lupus but I don't want to sound over dramatic

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Hi, get it checked out by GP but suspect pomphlyx eczema from the description of the very itchy little pimply patches that then dry out crack and flake. I went through an awful time with my palms a number of years ago and the problem resolved when I stopped using Persil Non-Bio for laundry.


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