groin abscess

Hi , exactly 12 days ago I made myself groin abscess and while in pain I waited full 8 days before looking for medical help. I vent to A&E last Tuesday and doctor used ultrasound to look into groin area and said lucky I dont have DVT ( my whole left leg is bigger then right one) and gave me antibiotics called Flucloxacillin and I been taking those regularly not missing singe dose but pain is persistent and I am still having temperature of 37 and every night I wake up completely wet with sweat that I have to change sheets and t shirts , my groin is painful which I understand but what I dont understand is why my leg all the way to knee is so painful? I am afraid he misdiagnosed my case... i am afraid of blood clots and I am afraid of sepsa. I am thinking after almost 5 days of taking antibiotics i should be better then how I feel stil unable to walk for longer and still taking paracetamol every 4,5 hours or pain is unbearable? You think I should go to hospital and look for another opinion? Thanks

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  • I would go back to the hospital. Five days on antibiotics should show some improvement

  • If you are in the UK get yourself up to your minor injuries unit or emergency appt at your GP. That way you should be seen pretty quickly as I would say is a priority. Sounds by your symptoms that your body is trying really hard to fight the infection but could do with a bit more help.

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