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Skin condition for 9 years! Please help!

Skin condition for 9 years! Please help!

I had itchy skin all over my body since young. Anti itch cream can only last for 5mins and my skin will start itching again. But at 12 yr old, after a few weeks of scratching my legs, I noticed one day that my legs developed small little red spots that doesn't go away. Few are raised. And worse is, they never disappear, sometimes the red spots become even redder and more prominent in warmer places? Like walking, exercising, bathing in warm water.

It appears only on my legs. My doctor says if it doesn't itch, it will go away. But it's still the same 9 years later. I never had the courage to go out without my long pants, even in hot weather.

Now it doesn't itch, not painful. The red spots are just there, it doesn't go away! I have tried tretinoin cream because a doctor diagnosed it as eczema.

Please help! How do I get rid of it? Does the expensive laser help? Do I have a cheaper option?

The red spots are actually a lot redder and more frequent than in the picture.

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I think I might look for another diagnosis as it doesn't sound or really look like eczema. It would itch but also respond to corticsteroid ointment or cream.


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