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My skin needs help

Between eczema and being allergic to my own sweat, my skin needs more than an overhaul. My doctor prescribed a steroid cream, it seems to be working. Only hours after applying the cream, I noticed improvement. I'm following my GPS advice, I changed my shower gel, I'm eating less salt, trying to stay cool and using this cream. I hope that by tomorrow it will be gone

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My fingers and toes are crossed for you! You might find that you need to apply the cream another couple of times to really see it off, but try leaving longer between the applications.

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If it's settling so quick it shouldn't be of a worry


I have such a sensitive system, and being that it's a steroid, I felt it would be to strong, and I'd just break out even worse. But I can barely see it today! Very happy about it!


Hi Lenocker68. I have had very similar skin problems for years, the last being a prickly heat/sweat rash that got infected and spread everywhere. I've been on antibiotics, anti biotic cream and anti fungal creams and although it improved it still itched a lot. I've had steroid creams for over 30 years. Are you are in the UK? If you are I suggest you get Superdrug's own make of medicated talc, it is absolutely marvellous. It seems from reading the reviews on the Superdrug website that I am not the only one who loves this and now I rarely use the strong creams, and it's only £1.25.


Hi, thanks for the reply. For me sweating has a lot to do with my breakouts as I'm allergic to my own sweat. Which starts my eczema in the worst ways possible. My steroid cream is super, you wouldn't know I suffer from it. My skin is so clear after only three days!


I had some success but when I work out and sweat it gets worse again. Also it seems to appear in places like waistband and where other clothing rubs skin

I’m so frustrated

Affecting me and I’ve never been depressed EVER


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