What is this?

What is this?

I have been the GP who is going to remove the lump on my head and red bits. Anyone had anything like this? I had a horn cut out in 2011 and he said I've damaged my skin so feel pretty rubbish about it all. I'm only 32 so pretty worried and praying the biopsies are normal but can't help thinking it could just be a skin condition (I'm in denial I think).

Thanks for any replies.

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  • The Gp will send the bits he/she cuts out for biopsy. Most are nothing.if one is a bcc they are very slow growing and hardly ever spread. Try to calm down. What has happened in the past can't be undone, so,let it go.

    You have a good Gp there. Might be a good idea to try a bit of mindfulness or positive thinking, I think you are stressed,not a critisism, I have it too.

    Good luck.

  • Hi jaycee, your GP is on the case and the biopsies will give useful information. As Olivemay says, if bcc is diagnosed it will be treated. My dear Dad is now 92 and has survived the removal of two of these about 10 years apart. If it is infection related it will be treated. If it's a skin conditio it can be treated.

    Good luck x

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