Clear fluid in lumps not spots on face and2 red rashes don't know what they r

Hi I have lots of raised lumps definitely not spots I have punctured a few and a clear liquid comes out have tried and acne and a steriod cream from GP but does not appear to make a lot of difference in also have 2 red rashes one on forhead the other by right side of my lips have no idea why they have appeared in have a horrible lung condition which means I take loads of medication Including steriods I have never seen this before has anyone and do they know what it is ??

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  • Maybe a photo would help close you eyes if you don't want to be recognised.

  • Has GP suggested it could be a steroidal side effect at all? It's the problem with all types of medication really......

  • What is the lung condition? Some lung and skin issues stem from the same thing... I can think of 3 offhand.

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