chronic atopic dermatitis

Hello everybody.I am writing on behalf of a friend from Estonia,she has a daughter with chronic atopic dermatitis.Her condition was going from better to worse,last worsening occurred in May this year.She was treated with Prednizolon,Loratadine,Xyzal,Tavegyl,taking bath with linola oil.

She has two children who unfortunately inherited her condition.

Is anyone here suffering from similar condition?

Any tips about managing the disease would be appreciated.

Thank you!

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  • Feeling for your friend and her daughter. Sounds like she is being offered some treatments that are used here and some that are not. The National Eczema Society magazine, Exchange, recently had a really good article about the different types of treatment and why and when they might be used. You might get it via their website and they also have a helpline e-mail

    Good luck x

  • many thanks!

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