Unknown Red Spots

Unknown Red Spots

Okay so I'm not sure how this works or anything and this seemed like the closest "community" since it has to do with skin I guess. I don't know what it is and it's starting to bother me. There are small red spots on random parts of my body and they are not itchy. Some are in clusters and some aren't. It doesn't seem to be effecting me at all but ya know it's not like they were there before. Anyways hopefully it's nothing serious and this can calm my nerves. Here is a picture of the biggest cluster since I guess I can only post one picture. This is my inner left thigh. They are appear in at least a pair but as you'll see there's some as more. (Appear that I see on my inner thigh, calf, inner thigh closer to that special area but not on it or touching, above the hip, mid back, near my belly button, hip area and below and above, there's a pair on the front of my throat (on the skin not inside my throat),) there's probably more idk. Anyways tell me what you think please. Also I noticed the ones on my stomach about a week ago.

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  • Just a thought, have you changed any products you use on your skin recently or that you use for laundry?

  • I have not

    -thank you for the reply

  • I have got the same kind of spots as these but I dont think I have as many as you do! I have been to the Doctors about them but only to find out that she Does not know what they are!They are not itchy but like you have said its the fact that they have appeared and were not there before!!!xxxx

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