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I have seen the doctor on in a few occasions about a reddish lump on my leg which I have had for for a good number of years. He seemed to think it was nothing to worry about although over the last 3-4 years I have developed another 3. Looking through the net I think it may be dermatofibromas. How common is this and is it normal to have more than one? I have 4 in total and they are on both legs varying sizes. Since noticing these i have made the mistake of googling it and now regularly worry. Any further info woukd be great! All else failing i will pop back to GP.

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It might not be dermatofibromas. It doesn't look like a nodule. It looks like you have scratched an insect bite or a boil. Always keep the skin dry and clean. Wear clean clothes without any stain of detergent. Better you visit a dermatologist or an allergist. 

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