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My mom's forearms itch

Hi everyone, so my mother has been suffering from this problem in her forearms, they itch and she feels as if there're ants running all over them, it's been almost two years now and we still don't know the cause, I took her to a physician and he claimed it's due to high cholesterol levels, she's on a diet now but she still has it from time to time, also there's a large light brown 'blot' on both them, it looks like dirt on them.

Thank you in advance.

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Skin related problems most often show a problem with digestion. Your mum might have either food allergies (especially to dairy or gluten), or a type of parasite, she might have heavy metal toxicity from environmental toxins.

I would get her to do a stool test from doctor to check for parasites.

I'd also get her to a place where she can have her allergies tested, as well as have a heavy metal test from a hair sample. I would go online to find out more information about allergy testing, as you want to find one that is effective. Some are more accurate than others.

It's difficult to get to the root of these kinds of problems with mainstream doctors. The internet might help you find a way to access the right testing without having to ask your doctor. (ie. through the post in case of heavy metal hair analysis.)

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Does it get enhanced during summer? You must consult an immunologist. I would also suggest you to keep the arms cool as heat may worse the condition. Avoid sun exposure and keep the arms hydrated. Keep them free of flaky skin.

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