Advice please

Hi all, Happy New Year.

I received my appointment letter for the removal of the BCC on my nose on Christmas Eve. It is to be done by Mohs surgery on 20th January. I am dreading it, scared silly about it, and thinking of cancelling.

I have read some horrific stories, people losing bone as the cancer had spread, bad scarring etc. I am 65 and don't really want this.

I had to fight for transport to and from the hospital as I have no one to drive me. I was asked 'couldn't you get taxi's?' The answer was that I am a pensioner and at nearly £20 each way no I couldn't!

If I left it it wouldn't spread. Goodness knows how long it has been there, the dermatologist I had been seeing for a couple of years had never noticed it. It was only when I pointed it out and asked her to look as the spot on my nose wouldn't heal.

An advice would be appreciated.

Thank you

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  • Please don't cancel! My Dad has had two or three BCC patches/spots on his head removed over the last 10 years (he is now 91) and has not had any ill after effects. All healed well and the district nurse attended to monitor it each time. Good luck with the surgery and remember it is always better to have treatment than to avoid it in the long run even though it is horrible at the time.

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