suggestions ?

suggestions ?


Have this big soar on my calf that started about 1,5 year ago. It was very tiny in the begginning and have slowly grown by the time . Have been to my doctor 2 times in 8 weeks, and first he gave me a strong cream which i did apply for about 6 weeks, and came back to him when i had used it for 2 weeks with almost no changes.

Than from the week 2-4 I both used the cream and som antibiotics which also did not improve it. Than I went back to the docktor and now Im waiting for an appointment with a dermatologist which is after 2 weeks.

I know i should just wait for that appointment but im starting to worrying and would like to see if there is someone who have experienced something like this ? There is also one small soar that is just starting above the big one which i think is starting to behave the same way and getting bigger.

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  • I do hope the dermatologist is able to offer you a solution as it looks quite irritated.

    Good luck

  • Insist on a skin biopsy to rule out cancer. Insist on it. Don't take no for an answer.

  • is it itchy ?

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